Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Transformers: At Mecha Fair?

Depending on which part of the World you're from, the title (or name) "The Transformers" has different variations or definitions for one and all.

If you've been following this site, you'll realise that more often than not, I try to cover all I can on what we know as the "true" Transformers (yep, "More Than Meets The Eye"). If you checkout some of my links around this site, you'll also agree that generally, they all link to resources pertaining to The Transformers. Otherwise, they'd be some things I'm quite sure Transformers fans would definitely be interested in.

This weekend from where I come from, there's a Cosplay Mecha Convention (or "Fair", if that's what you may call back home). I managed to capture some quick shots with my iPhone 3GS (yes I know, everyone's moved up to the latest 4G, but hey, it still works for me) and you may see some resemblance to some Transformers characters.

Here they are:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Transformers: War for Cybertron

This has got to be one of the most outstanding console game to be ever produced based on The Transformers.

Titled "Transformers: War for Cybertron", this game features the first generation of the Transformers and actually reveals how their origins came about as a result of the third Cybertronian war.

Definitely a must have for any Transformers fan!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

How much would Unicron cost?

Unicron.... the planet eater.

Feared by both Autobots and Decepticons.

First appearance of this near immortal Transformer was made during the featuring of "Transformers: The Movie". No, not the Holloywood version, but the one that was drawn aka Manga style in the cartoon version of the movie (I believe way back in 1986?).

Devouring planet after planet only to fuel its own survival, Unicron is able to withstand direct impact from any known energy beam or force and fears nearly nothing in its path and quest to conquer the universe.

Fans would recall the fateful moment when Cybertron was nearly crushed by Unicron if not for the heroic effort of the Autobots' sacrifice. Unfortunately, the moons of Cybertron were not spared.

If you've not got Unicron in your list of collectibles, then you ought to have one in your collection! We've got them here at USD 250 (includes shipping). If you're keen, do remember to join our mailing list to find out more, or simply to listen out to more interesting news about The Transformers, from a fan member's perspective.

"No one surives the wrath of Unicron!"

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Transformers merges with Star Wars?


Is this possible? Has the world gone nuts? Or is this some kind of new sequel to either The Transformers or Star Wars?

Don't panic....

In case you've been hiding under the rock and kept yourself locked up all these months (say about 15 months ago till now), you ought to know by now that Hasbro (yep, the toy makers of these 2 highly popular pop culture products) have launched a new series of action figures to delight as well as expand the imagination of both The Transformers as well as Star Wars fans alike.

Fans of the Transformers know very well which Autobot or Decepticon transforms into which Earthly or Cybertronian vehicle, aircraft or device. But would fans know how the Autobots or Decpeticons would look like if they were to have their fates crossing into the paths of the Star Wars universe?


"I Wanna Know Who Transforms Into Which Star Wars Character Right NOW!"

Friday, August 28, 2009

Transformers Sound Track

What's so cool about the Transformers?

It's not just the characters depicted in both the comics or on screen, but other equally comparable aspects as well. What is it then?

It's the dialogue they engage in and the accompanying sountrack, dude :)

Top Ringtones for your Mobile!

Seriously, while most folks may laugh at us when we tell them we're fans of the Transformers, what they don't often reaslise is perhaps the so called "moral" values we can learn from. Yep, the so called "good versus evil" and that "good shall always prevail" thing.

Wait... check that second statement again. Does "good always prevail"? Not really in the real world. Let's face it, how often have we come across reports in the papers and media when a "good" samaritan gets struck with ill fortune while in the line of doing good "public service" duty (or the equivalent)? Almost everyday if you ask me. But then again, there are also news of equally promising deeds well rewarded for doing good (thank goodness for that).

And if you really observe the trend in the script writing imported in both the comic series as well as on-screen production (both the movie or the new generation cartoon series), you'll agree that such realities are being reflected in the Transformers as well.

So, the next time someone laughs at us for being a fan of the Transformers, you can consider telling them that point of view.

And the accompanying soundtrack? Like they say, "music creates the atmosphere", and is adequately applied on screen in the Transformers episodes as well. Whether its the theme sountrack or the other lyrics employed on screen, they all try to tell a story and the mood at that very important moment.

For some these Transformers themes and sountrack, checkout the "Top Ringtones" link above that you can instantly download on your mobile phone!

The Transformers... truly "More Than Meets The Eye"!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Transformers 2 The Movie: Autobot Wheelie

Have you watched Transformers 2: The Movie? Noticed many more Autobots and Decepticons introduced this time round. Not sure? No worries, coause neither did I. But why?

If you've really seen the movie, you'd agree that this time round, there's lot more tonnes of special effects flying across the screen, and all that smooth transformation of robots from both sides.

But if you've checked out my heading above, I'd like to draw your attention to a particular Autobot: Wheelie.

Fans of The Transformers should know what the 'real' Wheelie looks like and is much more humanistic in appearance, although their size is about the same upon transformation. I recall Wheelie in the manga series is supposed to be a fast and sleek mini sports car, right? But check out the latest screen movie version and what did you notice? Wheelie's now a Decepticon spy hidden as a mini remote controlled 4 x4 jeep, and fortuntaley turned over his allegience midway through the show as a Autobot.

And here's the best part: he tried 'humping' the lead actress (by the leg) like a little dog! Man... I wonder if the rating 'parental advisory' should have been used to describe that screen moment.

Go watch the movie if you haven't! (check out my link below to watch The Transformers right on your PC today!)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Transformers: Starscream







Love him or hate him. We gotta give it to him for still being around in nearly every episode of The Transformers cartoon series, comic collections, and right now, on the movie screens. Just like his Decepticon commander, Megatron, Starscream possesses the knowledge as well as stamina and determination to constantly devise strategies and seek out ingenious ways of destroying their long term rivals, the Autobots.

But if you're a true follower of The Transformers, you'll also agree that many a times, this ambitious character has always sabotaged himself indirectly thanks to his eager plotting activities against his commander, Megatron.

But enought about his character. What's interesting is the various conversion modes he's been designed to adapt to both in the comic and cartoon series, as well as in the movie.

For the comic strip (and TV), he is often seen disguised as a F-15 Eagle assault aircraft. Personally, I think its an injustice to our brave pilots out there who fly this magnificent aircraft defending our skies both locally and overseas.

In the movie version, Starscream is transformed into a F-22 Raptor assault aircraft. Personally (again), I feel that his on-screen movie appearance looks horrible, and would much prefer him to look similiar just like in the cartoon series.

Here's one for all Starscream fans: Transformers Starscream Bust

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